This is an urgent call for intervention for the protection of Human Rights defenders in Bangladesh.

Human Rights Watch issued a report about torture in Bangladesh reporting 47 people killed in the custody of Bangaldesh government. Now Bangladesh government is retaliating by arresting Human Rights activists in Bangladesh.

The Asian Human Rights Commission has issued an alert which says that these people will be charged with treason, sedition and other criminal charges.

Reporting on human rights matters is the mandate of human rights organizations, as recognized by the United Nations. 

Call Today to Save Human Rights Workers from Torture:References: 

·      Urge the government of Bangladesh not to take any action against anyone, any human rights organization or human rights activists, for whatever contribution they may have made in pursuit of the above conventions.


·      Urge the United Nations and all governments to intervene on behalf of human rights defenders for their protection, and to take all measures to prevent arrest, detention, torture and fabrication of charges against human rights defenders.


·      Ask for fair trials of all prisoners as asked for by Human Rights Watch.


Ask for fair trials of former ministers from the opposition Nizami and Mujahid. They and other opposition leaders are being tried through tribunal, which is criticized by all human rights organizations. 


• The HRW Report is titled “Bangladesh: Torture, Deaths of Jailed Mutiny Suspects”:

• The Asian Human Rights Commission: Items

Action Items:

Call and write to Bangladeshi Ambassador to the US

Contact info: H.E. Akramul Qader 202-244-2745

o Ask if he has read the Human Rights Watch report asking Bangladesh to stop the unfair trials. Ask him to inform the foreign office that Bangladeshi Americans want them to take a stronger stand to safeguard the lives of Bangladeshis

Call the Secretary of State:

Call for general comment line: 202-647-6575

Call Bangladesh Desk at the State Department: 202-647-9516 & 202-647-1450

Email Secretary of State:

Call Anti-Torture Groups:

Call anti-torture groups and send them the report of Human Rights Watch. 

National Religious Campaign Against Torture: (t) 202.547.1920 •

Physicians for Human Rights: 202.728.5335  •