From a Rally in New York-

April 15, 2013
From a Rally in New York-

Save Bangladesh!

March 13, 2013

Save Bangladesh!

Bangladesh has been steadily growing and moving forward.

That is until now.

The ugly head of politics is now taking this third largest Muslim country in the world backward.

In the last two weeks about 200 people mostly unarmed peaceful demonstrators have been killed in broad daylight by the police and the notorious Rapid Action Battalion. They were protesting the death sentence to the most popular Quran scholar of Bangladesh. Maulana Dilwar Sayeedi is scheduled to be han...

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Save Muslims in Bangladesh

March 8, 2013
Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, Bangladesh’s most renowned Quranic scholar, has been sentenced to death by an illegitimate and corrupt Bangladesh Tribunal. The Judges who delivered the verdict had not heard all the evidence and witness testimonies. It is apparent that the verdict was pre-ordained.  Extremists are using abusive language about the Prophet and the Quran to humiliate Muslims. More than 250,000 cases have been booked against Islamic scholars and activists while 30,000 of them ar...

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Ask Bangladesh to Respect its Women

January 9, 2013

In India, rape is devastating women. In Bangladesh, it is the government.

This is through its violations of women through arbitrary arrests, beatings, and detentions. Their crime: they are the relatives of Bangladesh’s Islamic opposition party.

How can the Prime Minister of Bangladesh tolerate its police abusing women, some pregnant and some elderly, simply because of their beliefs and those of their loved ones? 

The government’s security forces are completely out of c...

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Save Bangladesh and Justice

December 13, 2012

Bangladesh, a progressive country, is at risk at the hands of a ruthless regime, which is killing the opposition, labor and media. We must act now to save Bangladesh from sliding backward. At the eve of the Bangladesh Independence Day, your dua and few minutes can help this third most populated Muslim country.

Bangladesh is being divided today by what we witnessed 40 years ago in its war of independence. Those responsible for crimes must be punished through due process of law,...

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Ask your congressperson if s/he is attending the hearing on Bangladesh Human Rights

July 18, 2012

BD Alert July 17 2012

If you care for the third largest Muslim country in the world, Bangladesh and want to help Muslims there, you can do so by sparing 10 minutes today! Tomorrow might be too late.


Finally the bi-partisan Congressional Human Rights Commission will be holding a hearing tomorrow on the worsening human rights in Bangladesh. They are talking about all appropriate issues except the human rights of the Islamic opposition leaders who are subject to unfair trials...

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Act Now to Save Human Rights Workers from Torture

July 9, 2012

This is an urgent call for intervention for the protection of Human Rights defenders in Bangladesh.

Human Rights Watch issued a report about torture in Bangladesh reporting 47 people killed in the custody of Bangaldesh government. Now Bangladesh government is retaliating by arresting Human Rights activists in Bangladesh.

The Asian Human Rights Commission has issued an alert which says that these people will be charged with treason, sedition and other criminal charges.

Reporting on hum...

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Ask India to Stop Killing and Torturing Bangladeshis

June 13, 2012

Human Rights Watch (HRW), an international human rights body, has urged the government of India to stop human rights violations by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) along the Bangladesh border and prosecute those responsible. Human Rights Watch has also asked Bangladesh government to take a stronger stand with the Indian government to stop the killing and torture of Bangladeshis.

HRW recalled that in December 2010 it released the report “Trigger Happy”, which document...

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Act Today to Keep Media Free in Bangladesh

May 31, 2012

Nine journalists were wounded when a gang of men attacked them with machetes. These journalists were working at when they were attacked last Monday in broad day light in the capital city of Dhaka.


Hundreds of journalists in Bangladesh are protesting this attack.

The Asian Human Rights Commission issued a statement Tuesday, accusing the government of not being able to "protect anyone."

The rights group said it was the latest in a series of attacks on journali...

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Ask Secretary Clinton to speak on Human Rights in Bangladesh

April 27, 2012

Ask the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to cancel her trip to Bangladesh unless Bangladesh government guarantees to abide by human rights of its citizens and the democratic rights of its opposition by ending kidnappings and unfair trials of opposition leaders.


The US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will visit Bangladesh on May 5. She will be meeting the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, opposition leader Khaleda Zia, and the Foreign Minister.


Call Hilla...

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