May God help Bangladesh!

But can we also help God in helping Bangladesh?

Please act today against the tortured death of the leading textile labor organizer by Bangladeshi police. Aminul Islam’s tortured body was found last Thursday next to Ghatail Police Station in Bangladesh. The 41-year-old was a unit president of Bangladesh Garment & Industrial Workers Federation.

Aminul Islam was one of the organizers of 2006 and 2010 demonstrations pushing for wage hikes that swept Bangladesh's textile industry, forcing the country's 5,000 factories to raise salaries for three million workers. He has been arrested and tortured by the police in the past as well.

Read more about this tortured murder here in the New York Times. A very good report is found here.


Bangladesh is a progressive country. It is the second largest exporter of textile products after China amounting to $18 billion dollars in 2011.

All that is at risk at the hands of the ruthless regime which is killing all voices, all opposition and media.

We must organize now to save Bangladesh from going backward.

We dishonored the international icon of Bangladesh and our only Noble Laureate, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, who gave the world Micro-Lending. The whole government came out against this Banker of the Poor just because they were afraid he might enter politics.

We also threw in prison two ministers with zero corruption record, Nizami and Mujahid. They were the only ministers who worked with both Awami League and BNP for the sake of Bangladesh. They face death penalty through lynch trial which the human rights organizations have protested against.

International Federation of Journalists has expressed concerns about how the Government is bullying journalists. The government has failed to find killers of the two leading journalists murdered in cold blood.

And when the opposition protested this ruthlessness, the government shut down the opposition media as pointed out by the Asia Human Rights.

Action Item:

1- Call Bangladesh Ambassador today demanding to investigate police in the murder of the labor leader. 
Ambassador H. E. Akramul Qader; Phone: 202-244-0183 or send a web message through: Click here

2- Ask anti-torture US groups to issue a statement demanding the investigation of the police role in the tortured murder of this leading labor leader. Here is the list of anti-torture organizations in the US: Click here

3- Write to the National Religious Campaign Against Torture or call them at 202-547-1920 to issue a statement asking Bangladesh government to investigate police role in this tortured murder.

4- Call Unions in the US to send a letter of support to Bangladeshi labor. Wal-Mart is a major importer of garments from Bangladesh. You can find the list of major labor unions here: Click here

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